Why am I suddenly writing and sharing my life journey as a single mom working abroad?

Just so you know, I didn’t come up with my blog site overnight.

This blog has been in the pipeline for almost three years.

Yes, imagine, this was more than two years in the making!

It took me long enough to finally convince myself to push through with this blog.

I always knew this is something I love doing: traveling and writing.

And if you know me in person, I was the type that would say, “If that makes you happy, then go for it. If you won’t do it now, then when?”

But a lot of things happened since the day I got my passport and decided to conceptualize my own blog site. I wouldn’t mind mentioning those that I had to go through but I’m sure it makes it a lengthy post and it may be good for a separate blog post. In a nutshell, though, these were what happened to me over the years:

Been to eight countries and counting.
A lot of domestic road trips completed.
Several flight bookings delayed.
A dozen hotel bookings and cancellations.
Multiple passport stamps.
A couple of visa applications.
Numerous vacation leaves filed.
One new job overseas.
A handful of strangers turned friends.
One adorable kiddo.
A few writer’s blocks.

A lot of sleepless nights.

Aaaaaand God knows how many crazy-ideas-turned-to-never-mind-moments.

BLOG OF BACKLOGS: What took me so long?

Me to myself: If that makes you happy, then go for it. If you won’t do it now, then when?


This past year, I’ve been doing freelance jobs for other people (aka clients) asking me to enhance their website aesthetics; do some graphic designs for their website; edit photos, videos, and audios for their website; research for their website; create posts for their website; maintain their website; and anything under the sun that they want to do to keep their online presence active, name it! I’ve been doing them all only to realize that I haven’t even managed to keep my own website up and running. So, I was like: YEAH. WHY NOT? AND WHY NOT NOW?


I love doing customizations. I personally did all the editing and graphic designs of this website all by myself. In fact, I was so engrossed with the nitty gritty details of customizing my site that it took me hours and hours to perfect every detail, making sure that everything will reflect my personality. Then I realized one important thing: HOW WILL I START MY FIRST BLOG POST?

It sounds like a no-brainer question with an easy peasy answer. But actually, it’s not.

The technical set-up of having a blog is another story, not to mention the start-up costs that you need to shell out just to have a decent and presentable one. Considering I’m a little bit of a tech-savvy myself,  all I had to do was endure a few hours of no sleep, keep my phone on silent, and focus on my laptop.

But that’s beside the point. I was talking about the writing itself. The subject. The soul.

I did some writing in my other blog site during my younger years. Some naive posts (even personal ones) that I couldn’t post in public. Others are just very random, journal-type of writing.

But this one is totally different. I just know that “Jalyn Meets World” is going to be different from my previous blogs.

That leads me to my original thought: What will my first blog post be?


First off, writing without any direction is a waste of time. All writers know that. Which is why…

Second, I need to have a writing niche that I like and I can follow through. Otherwise, I will always go back to zero no matter how many blogging ideas I have in mind. Which leads us to…

Third, I need to be consistent. At least I should try to consistently write and update this website for blogs. And that’s one thing that I have to remind myself. With everything that I needed to juggle (office work, freelance job, traveling, family, friends, and “me” time), I need something that will hold me together and keep me sane. But how will I do that if every time I will try to write, I would always end up with the question “What should I be writing?”

That leads us back to the first point.

You see now the dilemma I’m having discussing with myself?

Kidding aside…

After nights and days of contemplating, I decided to make it a “lifestyle and travel blog in one” that can inspire overseas Filipino workers (OFW) specifically single moms who are working abroad. I would love to create contents based on experience that can help budget travelers who have misconceptions that you need tons and tons of money to start traveling. I’m also planning to write about lifehacks and tips on how to be a go-getter with a can-do attitude in this world full of negative people. I want to share good vibes and optimistic outlook about life. Most importantly, I want to express my thoughts. There’s nothing easier than to write about something that I have experience doing.


For the next few weeks, or even months, expect that I will be posting backlogs of my travels and life experiences every now and then. After all, there’s two years’ worth of content, so I have a lot in store waiting for you guys.

I will be writing and sharing my life journey here abroad as I see fit: from OFW-related moments to travel tips and advice, to food hunting, to frugal shopping and lifestyle hacks, to my random thoughts about life and living abroad. I may not be able to update all the time as I also have a life to enjoy. But I do hope that you, as my reader, will find my every post enjoyable and/or informative.

That’s it for my first post blog entry. ‘til next time!

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