Well, first of all, that’s not entirely true.

For one, it was just “heart” as in singular. Three of us went to Singapore for a quick weekend getaway and only one needed some “mending.” And it wasn’t me, don’t worry. LMAO!

Two, you can go pretty much anywhere if you want to cure your broken heart. For me, traveling is the best way to heal a broken heart, a broken toe, a broken lung, just not a broken bank account. LOL.

Kidding aside…

I know, I know. The title is misleading. But Singapore isn’t so bad a destination in getting over a heartbreak. Let me tell you why.

Since 2015, this is my third time to visit Singapore. Still, this small island country never fails to impress me every time.

Tres mujeres went to SG!

Feeling of security.

Alas, this country has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Maybe that’s because of the strict laws and punishments being imposed to the offenders. But hey, if that’s something that will make me feel completely secured anywhere I go, I’m in.

“Buti pa sa Singapore, feeling secured ka. Sa jowa mo kaya, kelan mo kaya hindi mapi-feel ma-insecure?”

World-class public transport.

Whoever said that commuting or riding on a train is a hassle haven’t had the experience to enjoy Singapore’s extensive, efficient, and convenient mass rapid transit system. Getting around the city is a breeze. And for that kind of service, it’s pretty cheap. That in itself can be considered a pride of the country.

               “Ikaw ba, paano ka tratuhin ng jowa mo? World class or Class A?”

Riding in a public transport has never been this convenient.

The entire city is unbelievably clean. ALL. THE. TIME.

There’s not a single trash in the streets or any kind of litter on the ground. Not only because there are heavy fines for littering or because chewing gum is against the law, but also because – and I just learned this recently – their solid waste management system is awesome! Singapore is really doing a great job in maintaining its standards of cleanliness despite the large influx of tourists.

“Ikaw kapag feeling mo basura na ang turing sayo ng jowa mo, iwan mo na. You deserve to be treated with so much respect.”

Strolling at Singapore Botanical Garden

Stunning futuristic night skyline.

Singapore’s night skyline is for me, by far, the most picturesque landscape I’ve ever seen. Marina Bay Sands, Merlion Statue, Esplanade, Singapore Flyer, and all other skyscrapers around the area reflecting a spectrum of colors on Singapore river while oriental boats are lazily floating on it will always make a picture perfect panoramic shot.

“Buti pa ang night skyline sa Singapore futuristic, noh? Sa jowa mo ba may nakikitaan kang future?”

Singapore skyline at night

Food is amaaaaazzzzingg.

Since Singapore is a multi-racial country with a vast history of several ethnic groups, the cuisines are also very diverse. And the best part? It’s not that expensive! Just pick the right places to enjoy a nice meal and I’m sure both your tummy and bank account will thank you.

PS. They have Jollibee. I love Jollibee.

“Aanhin mo ang jowang masarap, kung sya naman ang lumilimas sa bank account mo.”

Jollibee at Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road

There you have it. Do you have other observations about Singapore? Leave yours at the comments field!


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